Sligo is, naturally, a world-class destination for the discerning visitor

  • Ben Bulben, Sligo’s iconic landmark, is instantly recognisable, being Ireland’s most distinctive mountain. 
  • The world's longest coastal driving tour route, The Wild Atlantic Way, comprises a major part of Sligo’s striking coastline.   
  • The greatest poet in the world in the 20th century, William Butler Yeats, stated no place influenced him more than Sligo.  Yeats Country awaits you discovering his “Land of Heart’s Desire”.
  • The richest area in Europe for megalithic Stone Age sites includes Carrowmore Tombs, which pre-date the Egyptian Pyramids, and where stands what may be the oldest building in the world.
  • One of Ireland's most scenic areas, Sligo’s richly diverse natural environment boasts a great variety of world-class outdoor recreation: surfing world-championships, some of the world’s clearest diving waters and one of the world's best, if not the best, short-break golf links destinations for the experienced golfer.  Here too is some of Ireland’s best lake, river, shore and sea angling. 
  • A rapidly-rising "Foodie destination", Sligo also possesses the best traditional music heritage and excellent contemporary artists.  Even learn how events in Sligo, 1500 years ago, laid the foundation of western civilisation. 
  • Breath-taking scenery, the best location for outdoor activities, history of global significance and a rich local culture: Those who discover Sligo keep coming back for more. 

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Discover Sligo Magazine No. 11
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Discover Sligo Magazine

Discover Sligo Magazine is the "Rolls-Royce" guide to Sligo.  Referred to as "The Bible on Sligo", it's packed with the informaton.  It contains many excellent articles that will enrich your understanding of one of the world's most historic, culturally rich locations. 

The current edition focuses on how we celebrated WB Yeats' 150th birthday.  We explore Yeats Country, his work as a poet, politician and dramatist.  Leading authorities, from diverse perspectves, debate Yeats' role as "A Father of the Republic". 

Discover Sligo magazine is a high-quality "coffee table" publication with over 140 pages of informative and enjoyable articles, superb photos, driving tours and loads of useful information and maps to guide you to and around Sligo. 

As a most informative guide to Sligo, it makes a wonderful souvenir or the ideal gift to send to family or friends overseas or else where in Ireland.  The new serries, produced annually looks back at the previous year, in this case 2015.  The next edition will reflect on how Sligo engaged with 1916 and how its people were affcted by Thee Somme.

Order your copy on-line here today.  It's €10 plus p&p.  World-wide delivery is €5.  Why not send a copy to a friend or family member who you want to visit Slligo this year.  Discover Sligo magazine will more than whet their appetite!

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